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What we create

We focus on Java Applets, these are small little programs that can be embedded within web pages and run on virtually every type of computer.

The power of Java lies within its platform-independancy. They can run on a Windows system, Mac, Linux, SunOS... this makes them perfect for the web since websites attracts all kinds of visitors with a lot of different machines. All these visitors will be able to view the applets as they were meant to be seen. Another strength is its security, applets can not harm the client's computer. They are restricted from dangerous actions.

How it can help you

We write 2 kinds of applets: Tools and entertainment.

Tools add interactivity to the websites, and are often handy to present much content on a limited place. Examples are navigation applets, news tickers, effects and educational applets. These can improve the website's navigation and presentation drastically.

Entertainment applets simply do what they are called: entertaining your visitors. The benefit can be huge, every webmaster wants content that attracts and maintains visitors and that leaves a good general impression behind. Our entertainment applets range from arcade games to funny calculators to mind-breaking puzzles.

And more...

Using applets does not have to be hard. We try to make this as easy as possible by providing good documentation, standards and support. All our applets can be tried before registration to make sure you get what you want to have.

Besides ease of use another focus is on speed and reliability. All applets are created to load and run as smoothly as possible and tested with various configurations. The applets are constantly upgraded because of the excellent feedback we get from our users.

If you have a website or are in the process building one, take a look around, we are sure we can help you with creating an amazing website.