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Chapter 2 - EventListeners

3. The MouseMotionListener

/* MouseMotionListener will enable you to performactions when the mouse moves over
a hotspot. You can also use this to drag things,that will require MouseListener and
MouseMotionListener at the same time.
This applet will show a rectangle that will changecolor when the mouse moves over it.
It's basically the same as the previous one.

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;
// import an extra class for the MouseMotionListener
import java.awt.event.*;

// Tells the applet you will be using the MouseMotionListenermethods.

public class MouseMotionExample extends Applet implements MouseMotionListener
 // The X-coordinate and Y-coordinate ofthe last Mouse Position.
     int xpos;
     int ypos;

     int rect1xco,rect1yco,rect1width,rect1height;

 // wll be true when the Mouse is in theRectangle
     boolean rect1Active;

     public void init() 

          rect1xco = 20;
          rect1yco = 20;
          rect1width =100;
          rect1height= 50;

  // Add the MouseMotionListener to yourapplet

     public void paint(Graphics g) 
  // Rectangle's color
  // If mouse is in the rectangle then setColor to green
  // else to red.
          if (rect1Active)g.setColor(Color.green);
          else g.setColor(Color.red);



  // This will show the coordinates of themouse
  // at the place of the mouse.


/* If you use MouseMotionListener then these methodshave to be here
 public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent me);
 public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent me);

 // This will be excuted whenever the mousemoves in the applet
     public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent me) 
          xpos = me.getX();
          ypos = me.getY();
  // Check if the mouse is in the rectangle
         if (xpos > rect1xco&& xpos < rect1xco+rect1width && ypos > rect1yco 
        && ypos < rect1yco+rect1height) 
               rect1Active = true;
              rect1Active = false;
  //show the results of the motion


 // This is works like mouseMoved but onlywhen the mouse is being pressed
 // at the same time.
 // To use this for drawing rectangles likein Paint programs
 // you will have to use mousePressed toremember the first coordinates.
     public void mouseDragged(MouseEvent me) 

/* It's quite easy, but this isn't a good exampleof programming.
You can notice that the applet flickers, thisis because it is not double-buffered
You will see this later.



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