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Chapter 1 - Graphical Interface

5. Layout of GUI

This example demonstrated the use of a layout manager to
place components
The Layout manager here is BorderLayout

import java.awt.*;
import java.applet.*;

public class LayoutExample extends Applet 
     Button okButton1;
     Button okButton2;
     Button okButton3;
     Button okButton4;
     Button okButton5;

     public void init()
  // sets the LayoutManager to BorderLayout
        setLayout(new BorderLayout());
        okButton1 = new Button("Centered Button");
          okButton2 = new Button("Cold North");
          okButton3 = new Button("Go West");
          okButton4 = new Button("At East");
          okButton5 = new Button("Hot South");
  // always says where the component should be placed when adding
  // Options are center,East,West,Nort and South

// There are more layout managers available. The easiest is
// FlowLayout() which will kee adding components horizontally until 
// there is no more space, then it will continue a row lower.

// Now that you are able to create a GUI let's bind actions to those
// components. Wouldn't be handy? :)

// Go to ActionExample

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