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Java Applets Tutorial

The Tutorial

This tutorial will take you step by step through the process of building applets. I have chosen for a Learn-By-Example method, the fastest way to learn.
You will not learn the "Why" but the "How". Throughout the java tutorial all new lines of code are explained, the ones you have already seen aren't commented anymore.
Within a few minutes you will be able to display things on the screen, a few minutes later you are able to use a GUI and after that you wil see how to interact with the user.
If you don't know how to set up the Java Programming Environment, make sure to read Selena Sol's explanation about JDK first.

Source code

You'll see the source code with explanation. The comments are in Java style that means that they start with "/*" and end with "*/" or just start with "//". All comments will be in blue like this :
// This is a comment in the source
The programming style is kept simple on purpose, meaning that it doesn't use arrays and other efficient methods like double buffering. Later through the course you will learn to use that too.
You are allowed to reproduce the code and to change it.
To make things easier you can download all .java files from the examples.


This tutorial was meant for a friend, but I thought making it open for everyone could not harm anyone :). Anyway, I am Bavo Bruylandt and a Java Programmer for RealApplets.com in my spare time. I am still in school, where I study Applied Computer Science. 
If you have questions or comments about this source then you can easily reach me through this form. I try to answer each question, make sure you give enough details.

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