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Registration of our applets is not possible. Most applets are free for download now.

Any questions about registration? Please contact us!

Applet Author Price Registering
Biorythm Package (3 applets) Bavo - -
CascadeMenu Bavo - -
Encoder Geoffrey - -
Find It 2 Bavo - -
Game Console Bavo - -
LedWorldTime Bavo - -
MultiBanner Bavo - -
NewsPro Bavo - -
Photo Memory v1.4 Bavo - -
RealInvaders Bavo - -
What happens when I register an applet?

When you register an applet, you become a registered member of RealApplets. That includes a few important and interesting things:

  • You can remove the Unregistered notes or the banner in the registered applet and replace it with your company's name. Some applets will also have extra features, explained on the applet pages in this site and the demo versions.
  • All references and links to RealApplets will be removed!
  • Future updates are included.
  • When you are having some troubles, you can use our 24/7 customer support section, exclusively for you, as a registered customer.

Several differences between unregistered and registered applets can be found in Terms of use.

Please remember that we try to handle your order as fast as we can. If possible within 24 hours, but becauses of time differences, this isn't always possible. Therefore we try to deliver your order within 48 hours.